N.A.S.A - Chase The Devil

Produced by Brassneck tv. Dr Martins sponsored this music video for N.A.S.A, an American hip hop duo for their electro cover of Max Romeo's 'Chase the Devil'. Over 3 minutes of animation completed in 2 weeks! Watch it in HD here

Director: Donn Letts

Producer: John Osbourn

Animator: Tobias Fouracre 07941184169

D.O.P: Matthew Day 07734213369

Additional animation: Kev Walton

Gaffer: Max Halstead

Puppets: Ben Weller 07808159162

Compositor: Matt Plummer

Costumes: Deborah Cook

Models: Colin Armitage

Sets: Ben Cote, Joe Kirton, Graham Staughton

Stereo effects Graphics: Simon Robson

Concept artist: Turlo Griffin