Holy Flying Circus

Clapham Road Studios was very proud to have been involved with the BBC4 production of Holy Flying Circus. A part-fact, part-surrealist dramatisation from around the time the Monty Python film, 'Life of Brian' was released. Director Jim Le Fevre of production company Nexus was asked to create the opening titles along with some animations throughout the programme. He and a trusted team came to the studio for 2 weeks to build and shoot his amazing Phonotrope. To watch a short 'making of' click here you will also find a link to Jim blog to read more about how it was all designed and made.

Director Jim Le Fevre
Executive Producer Luke Youngman
Production Manager Claire Thompson
Production Assistant Fernanda Garcia Lopez
Production Assistant Carmen De Witt
Intern Leila Smith
3D Pre Visualisation Development Ben Cowell
3D Pre Visualisation Development Mark Davies
Director of Photography Matthew Day
Camera Assistant Toby Goodyear
Design / Construction Gordon Allen, with Gee Staughton, Joe Kirton, Harris Allen www.wearetheartdept.com
Art Department Assistant Sophie Powell, Dominic Owen
Laser Cutting Ewen Dickie at Laser Make